Unitygem.wordpress.com and UnityGems are open to any contributions. You need to comply with the license terms below and agree that your article will belong to you and UnityGems and will not generate any revenue (Ad banners on the site are automatically added by wordpress for being a free subscription, nothing is given to unitygem).
You can contact UnityGems via the Facebook page to discuss the topic and content.
The article can be about Unity3D technology or .NET framework used in Unity3D engine.


  1. All contents on this website are copyrighted according to the Creative Common license with the conditions described below.
  2. The owners of the content are UnityGems and the author(s).
  3. You can copy, use, share or modify the content freely without the consent of the author(s). You can use them in a commercial product as long as the product is not the content itself.
  4. You cannot use the content and claim it your own for a commercial use. As a result,  you cannot directly post the content on your own website or blog if your website or blog generates revenue from advertisement or other means.
  5. You cannot copy and sell the content as assets on any store without the consent of the author(s). You can use a link to the content on your website or blog if it generates revenue.
  6. You can use the content or part of the content in a publication considering that UnityGems and the author(s) have agreed for it. A copy of the final publication has to be sent to UnityGems and the author(s).
  7. Section 6 also applies for code translation into different programming language.

For more information or if you have any doubt, contact the author(s).

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